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По умолчанию anonymous-club.pw Hacker forums

Finally, we are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new platform called anonymous-club pw

The concept of the forum "Anonymous-club pw" provides for the creation of a single working platform for business and representatives of various fields, both shadow and generally accessible to all users of the global network At this site, we deliberately combined several areas of activity together with the goal of developing most progressively in many directions and attracting the largest number of audiences
The audience of this site is absolutely versatile, which will allow users to use each other's skills, as well as establish cooperation in various directions
The site will provide conditions for effective communication of potential partners, the opportunity for "direct" work among themselves
Also, users will get a unique chance not only to discuss possible areas of cooperation, but also to take an active part in the development of the project

At this stage, we invite all users to register on our new site "Anonymous-club pw" and develop it together
The team of the AG is more than well known to all, so no one will have problems with trust
We also want to note that at this stage we are connecting some nice details for registered users, namely:
- if you are a "Verified seller" on one of the friendly sites, then your status will be transferred to the Anonymous-club pw site + your topics will be FREE OF CHARGE fixed in the category "IMPORTANT" for until the new year, and banner ads will be placed for that same term;
- if you are a member of the WWH-club and in the CENTER-friends category, then we also duplicate these ranks and give the insignia "FRIENDS of the site" + preferential terms for the Guarantor Service of our site;
- there are no duties for placing trading topics, there will also be no deposit system at this stage (only at will), work exclusively through the Guarantor Service;
- sale of schemes \ topics of earnings is allowed, also without lengthy and monotonous checks by the site administration;

And in the end I would like to add that the site is positioning itself as white and gray, so it is forbidden to publish the following topics and materials:
- training in carding (any of the areas);
- sale of various documents (passports, car \ moto, Xiva, etc );
- cached services;
- botnets and malware
- Downloads, installs, traffic
- Hacking to order
- Distribution
- proxies
- Sites, scripts, domains
- Wallets, Identification
- Programming
- Cheat social networks
- Website promotion
- Exchange of electronic currencies
- Earnings schemes
- Startup
- Instagram

We are waiting for everyone to register - anonymous-club pw
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